Friday, September 14, 2012

Savory Friday

The filename for this image is "drunk on raw". Very appropriate for the way I feel as I start going through all of the raw material that has come from this past dyeing season. These are the gems that I hoard for myself although many of their cousins make it into the store. There will be more there soon too..I need to support my habits like other junkies, I mean artists. 

There is SO much more just waiting to be eyeballed and considered.  It's time to start putting all this cloth to work - seeing if and how they get along, arranging, rearranging, slashing, ironing.. marshaling all this energy to my own ends.

Although I am anxious to get something started - a hand stitched start - I'm not going to run wild just yet.
 I've just put the frosting on what I consider to be three good pieces that I've worked on since the beginning of this year. They weren't plotted out but popped up like the best kind of weed in the garden of all my other doings. Time to get some new seeds started here. There will be lots of show and tell going forward - no more off this secret garden crap!

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arlee said...

Paint that cave, Lascauxtiva!